Meet Benni DeNinno

I am a NYC public school music teacher and single mom of twin boys with an affinity for making functional art! My inspiration comes from my love for fiber crafts, unusual color combos and my collection of vintage yarns, beads and other components.

Benyamina Creations

Benyamina is an ever-evolving collection of adornments and accessories handmade by Benni DeNinno. Benni specializes in such areas as bridal jewelry, bellydance accessories and custom designs.

Henna by Benyamina

Benyamina DeNinno is a NYC-based henna artist and designer. She is available for corporate events, private parties, weddings, private appointments, etc.

Based in NYC

Book an Appointment – Henna by Benyamina is available in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Vermont

Established in 1200 BC

Henna FAQ

Henna is fun, safe, easy, beautiful… and temporary.

Henna is a plant which grows in hot, dry regions like the Middle East and Northern Africa. The leaves are dried and pulverized into a powder. The powder is the main ingredient used to create the paste needed for henna tattoos. Henna paste stains skin just as a wet teabag stains a white tablecloth. Artists apply henna paste in patterns on people’s skin, and that will leave a temporary stain when the paste falls off. The henna stain will be orange when the paste comes off, and that stain will darken to a dark brick red or brown color in 48 hours.

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